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Detector de Telefonos Celulares
Clave: SH055SDRV

Detector de Telefonos Celulares o Transmisores 2.4 Ghz


Does your business have a problem with mobile phone usage? 
SDI are pleased to introduce the new super sensitive SH055SDRV portable device to detect and track down people using cellular telephones.

This pocket sized device is ideal for use for detecting people using mobile phones in use in offices, prisons or hospitals etc, anywhere that people are not supposed to be using phones or are to be discouraged. This model is super sensitive and will detect cellular phones up to 40 feet away, once detected the sensitivity can be adjusted to home in on the signal, making this device particularly suitable for use in prisons and other establishments with concealed rooms.

It will alert you to mobile phone usage in a variety of ways and is designed for discreet covert use by using the vibrate alert or earphone supplied. The model shown is equipped with vibration alert, sensitivity adjustment, earphone, belt hook and comes complete with batteries and full instructions.

Specifications SH055SRV

Size: L 87 x W 55 x T 24mm
Weight: about 85g (including batteries)
Detecting range: 50MHz ~ 6.0GHz
Power: 3V DC (AAA/UM-4 battery x 2)
Warning mode 1: Sound and 3 LEDs display
Warning mode 2: Silent, only 3 LEDs display
Warning mode 3: Vibration, 3 LEDs display and earphone output


Detect and home in on all cell phones, wireless phones and hidden cameras
3 LEDs indication: Level 1 (Weak), Level 2 (Medium), Level 3 (Strong).
Dual strength indication: Sound, LED and Vibration
Sensitivity tuner for Distance adjustment.
Switchable sound / Silent detection.
With earphone to detect covertly.


Hospitals, medical centres or intensive care units that forbid cellular usage.
Schools, Cinemas, theatres, concerts, museums, casinos or art galleries.
Summit conference or meeting.
Military or government premises that forbid cellular phone usage or where wireless camera recording is forbidden.
Offices, restaurants or any commercial premises that would like to remove cellular or RF disturbance.

Please note that the cell phone detectors will not pick up phones that are switched off or on standby (unless they are sending out an auto registration signal).

Detector de Telefonos Celulares
Clave: detector 610
CLAVE: detector 610

Detector de Telefonos Celulares o Transmisores 2.4 Ghz


The Cellphone Detector Plus™ has a USB port that can be connected to a PC or laptop for this purpose.

Each alarm / alert option may be enabled or disabled depending on the preferences of the user. Sound volume is user adjustable. In addition, the Cellphone Detector Plus™ may be connected to an external amplifier or speakers, or a remote alarm.

What it is used for:

Detection for counter-surveillance and privacy

This includes applications such as deterring the use of covert eavesdropping (RAT) cellphones during confidential business meetings and detecting examination fraud in academic establishments.

Overt deterrence for management control, enforcement of quiet zones within public and private organization

This includes applications such as keeping public libraries quiet and the prevention of time wasting by employees using their cellphones for private use in the workplace.

Health and safety

The Cellphone Detector Plus ™ can be used to detect and deter the use of cellphones AND other equipment transmitting radio signals near sensitive electronic equipment in locations such as operating theaters and intensive care wards.

What does it detect?

Cellphone Detector Plus™ is configured to detect GSM and Euro 3G to a high degree of accuracy. Nevertheless most other cellular systems around the world including TDMA and CDMA 1900 will also be detected satisfactorily. CDMA and AMPS are included in the PMR channel in the following screenshot of the Cellphone Detector Plus™ Utilities Program:


Q) Is it legal to use?

A) Yes.

Q) What us the range?

A) Up to 30 metres

Q) Is it a jammer or some other type of RF transmitter?

A) No, it is a passive RF receiver.

Q) Does it detect CDMA?

A) Yes. The latest build of the is detecting Verizon 800 MHz and Sprint PCS which is CDMA at 1950 MHz.

Q) What are the main differences between this product and the original Zetron Cellphone Detector Plus 510?

A) This product detects Euro 3G, you can switch it so that it doesn't have to detect 2 way radios, and thirdly, you can change the voice message. In addition there are some very noticeable improvements to detection accuracy and performance.

Please note that the cell phone detectors will not pick up phones that are switched off or on standby (unless they are sending out an auto registration signal).

Detection range up to to 30 metres radius

It is small, attractive and easily mounted on a wall. It has various settings and options that enable it to do a variety of detection tasks, but in short, it will detect a phone being used or on standby within a user defined area and then sound a series of beeps followed by your recorded voice message asking the culprit to switch his or her cellphone off. The voice message can be very quiet or as loud as 80 dB.

Although we state that it is primarily a fixed installation wall mounted device, it can be used as a freestanding or portable detector..

Cellphone Detector Plus™ is not just a broad-band RF detector, rather it is programmed to intelligently determine whether the signal received is from a cellular phone so that false alarms from permitted equipment such as 2-way radios do not occur.

It is capable of being adjusted to prevent false alarms being received from outside the domain of the user.

It is the hi-tech answer to the old fashioned vinyl sign that everyone ignores. It is the legal alternative to cellphone jamming and detects almost every cellular signal in the world. It gives you the power to control how cellular phones are used in your organization.

Alarm options

Cellphone Detector Plus™ offers the user several options for alarm output: very bright flashing LED, beeps and user recordable voice message. User can record his own voice message in .wav format and upload it via the Cellphone Detector Plus™ Utilities Program as per the following screenshot:

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